• How much is the course fee?

    It is free

  • What are the age limits for the course?

    The course has no age restrictions. It is more suitable to start it from the 8th class. But you can try to start it earlier

  • What language is the course in?

    One of the project goal is to make learning of Russian language in Russian schools abroad easier, so the course is made in Russian language. For your convenience every video has English subtitles

  • What equipment will I need to complete the course?

    A computer with Internet access will be enough. If you want, you can get VR glasses and a 3D printer, but it is not necessary.

  • I'm not interested in this particular module. Can I skip it?

    You can skip, but it is better to pass the test. This is required to obtain a certificate.

  • I'm a humanitarian. Will I be interested in the course?

    We do not support the division into humanitarians and technicians. Everyone can find something interesting in the course and will be able to choose the most suitable direction for him for further training

  • Is the course for Russian schools abroad only?

    Russian schools abroad are our main target audience. But everyone can take the course