The course is made for  students and teachers of Russian schools abroad with the assistance of ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO
Project operator - IRC "Composites of Russia"

"Young Engineer Course"
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For teachers

Inginirium BMTSU conducts courses and workshops for teachers who support our mission: creation of a new young generation of engineers

For students

 "Young Engineer Course” is your first step towards an interesting and popular profession                                                                                                    

"Young  Engineer Course" online-programm is an introduction to engineering. The course combines three modules. The student gets acquainted with different areas of activity of the engineer through work on one project

"Young Engineer Course” is:

An easy start for beginners who had no special training

A minimum of boring theory, maximum of interesting practice

Several popular areas in one program

Specific practical skills in the end

The ability to create a real robot and then print it on a 3D-printer by yourself in future

Geography of education

In Inginirium BMTSU program the course has been existing for 3 years. It was attended by more than 6,000 students. Our students participate in international 
competitions and enter the leading universities of the country in engineering

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